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About us

Tres hilos is a Salvadoran accessories and clothing brand for women. Created by Carolina Cortez, Alessandra Origgi & all the incredible artisans women, as a initiative to support a vulnerable sector of the population, Salvadorean women who neither work nor study, mosthly heads of family. Offering them opportunity to learn how to make handmade jewellery and accessories in order to have an ethical source of employment, creating a truly special brand.

The brand has a Tropical, Bohemian and sophisticated heart. It stand out for its unique handmade accessories tha have become the perfect complement for resort clothing.

The Brand has also launched its line of embroidered t-shirt with empowerment phrases for women and more casual earrings to have the option of a more urban look.

Our Inspiration

“Intertwining hopes and weaving opportunities.”

Our inspiration derives from the need to empower women in our country, through the creation of a brand under the vision of social entrepreneurship.

We provide a source of ethical employment, sharing our love for design, creativity, and knowledge; we create the propitious environment to new development and change paths for each of the women who work in our workshop.


Ours collections are inspired by nature and femininity, highlighting the Latin American design & culture therefore, we are inspired by the Mesoamerican culture and its tropical climate, by the similarity in terms of anthropology, ethno-history and linguistics, for example there is a line of earrings named Ketzali which is a Nahuatl origin name, and means "beautiful woman" and has a great connection with the native and inner energies, they are spectacular runway earrings, we also have the Mayan Tweed, which means Mayan fabric, likewise, we were inspired by elements of our country and culture, we made a composition between our culture and the role of Latin women; We are strong, hard-working, brave, leaders, therefore we also create t-shirts designs with typography and feminine empowerment phrases.

Innovating and using the highest quality standards, we design unique pieces, carefully crafted by hand.

Part of our work philosophy is the holistic integration between local economy, social development and environment programs.


Sustainable Human Development

The center of sustainable development is the human being, we believe that gender equality contributes with a direct impact to the sustainability of countries where women are mostly heads of families, since it guarantees the quality of life for future generations , we seek sustainable development by focusing on the search for human quality of life in our workshop, empowering women who come to work with us, offering them the opportunity to have an ethical source of employment, legal benefits, and talks that help them in their personal, professional,and self-esteem growth, so that they can fend for themselves and reinvent themselves.We try to make rational use of resources, the integration of women in community participation allows them to share responsibilities with men. By feeling empowered they raise their self-esteem.

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