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In El Salvador, 37.5% of the country's households are headed by women. A woman who is in control of her finances is more independent, capable and free to make decisions. This can make Salvadoran families safer spaces and in this way, we can have a direct impact helping in reducing the cycle of violence and the situation of poverty.
One of the most important reasons for immigration is violence. Another is the lack of financial opportunities and underemployment. We believe if we can help women facing these problems they won’t have a need to relocate.

In countries like El Salvador, many women are forced to become the head of their household. We aim to do our part, on a small scale within our reach as a company. We focus on different communities in rural areas in our country to promote the inclusive growth of women.
Esther is a single mother of 2 girls, she has been working as an artisan in tres hilos since 2018, she is a specialist in the wire rope technique.