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Hello. I am Carolina Cortez. Woman, creative, Salvadoran, entrepreneur and dreamer. In life, I am driven by the intense passion to be who I want to be; the emotion for the game of colors and textures; and the strong conviction that women have to create networks of sisterhood, friendship and companionship among us to give each other support and create together. tres hilos is for me the fulfillment of that desire, where I can combine the art of creating luxury accessories and garments with a Latin identity for women from all over the world; transmitting in each piece the color and emotions that characterizes our corner of the world. At the same time these accessories allow the women we work with to have a stable job that gives them economic independence
and security.
"tres hilos accessories represent a strong, self-confident, modern, independent, empathetic and conscious woman who wants to wear trends, unique accessories and connect with the brand's mission by positively supporting other women."

- Carolina Cortez/ founder and creative director of tres hilos accessories.


Maria Mejia
Head of craft jewelry workshop

Hi, I am Maria I feel committed and very happy to be able to share my
work with all the people who support and wear tres hilos.
Thanks to you, I can transmit and teach my knowledge
and work techniques to other women so that they can access
better job opportunities and better quality of life like the one
that tres hilos has given me.

Ruth Reinosa
Administrative services Manager

Hi, I am Ruth, I am proud to be part of the formation
of a company in El Salvador, where women can have better
job opportunities, growth and personal development.
In tres hilos I can demonstrate my professional and personal
skills day by day, and learn from my colleagues.

Esther Alejo
Jewelry artisan

Hi, I am Esther, I am a single mother of 2 girls,
I have been working as a jewelry artisan in tres hilos since 2018,
I am a specialist in the wire rope technique,
thanks to three threads I can support my family and improve my skills day by day.